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Peak Performance Management, Inc. | Pittsburgh, PA & Charleston, SC

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James T. Gaffney

Managing Partner - Business Development Strategist Sales Trainer & Consultant

Jim Gaffney stands out as the sales doctor par excellence who helps business leaders and sales executives take sales from also ran to a superior level. “I first diagnose the sales problem. Then, I tailor a solution to the situation of each, individual client.”

As a good sales doctor, he’s realistic. “If your sales are healthy, you don’t need me,” he says. “I help best when companies and individuals fail to reach target accounts and to convert sales opportunities.”

Jim honed his sales approach during 20 years serving clients in a number of industries. In fact, he put himself through college with the proceeds he earned from his first company.

He co-owned his latest company, Promark Industries, a family-owned business, to help guide second-generation sales and marketing. Here, he served as Vice President, Sales and introduced a number of sales-development initiatives.

While at Promark Industries, Jim formed a client/consultant relationship with Peak Performance Management founder, John Rosso. They worked together for six years, and Jim joined Peak Performance Management in 2001.

As a former owner of his own businesses and sales executive, Jim is sensitive to each client’s need to reach the top in sales.

He now focuses on prospecting into new opportunities, systematizing the selling process, developing customer-retention strategies, and sales-management consulting.

He serves clients in a number of industries—from manufacturing and distribution to   financial and professional services, and hospitality.

Jim makes no bones about the need for a sales system. “If you lack a selling system when face-to-face with a prospect, you will unknowingly, but certainly, default to the prospect's system. The prospect's system never says, ‘Sold.’ It says, ‘Salesperson loses.’”

His helping clients systematize their sales processes reverses this prospect-in-control situation and enables them to convert the prospect to “Sold.”